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Simply put, this is a newsletter about suffering. If you enjoy recipes and philosophical musings that take forever to make/read and offer an uncertain return on investment, then you've come to the right place! Way Too Complicated is a newsletter full of said annoyingly in-depth recipes, replete with all the snarky food-adjacent commentary you’ve come to hate love from the people that repeatedly post their dinner photos on FB groups. If you subscribe right now, you’ll also receive philosophical musings on why we choose to suffer—completely free99!

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Do you constantly feel guilty because Sheryl Sandberg told you that you can do it all, but you have now realized you can’t? This newsletter will remind you of all the kitchen projects you could do, if you only gave up any prospect of fulfillment beyond producing more&more&more under capitalism and only slept 2 hours a night. Fun!

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Even The Atlantic says that complaining “when done right, can also have its psychological advantages.” As a subscriber, you’ll be able to exercise this important griping muscle daily—even multiple times a day!—on the Substack discussion server.

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Jenny Dorsey

Jenny is a professional chef, author, and speaker working at the intersection of food and social justice. Learn more about her at www.jennydorsey.co.